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Looking for Office Space in Bangalore ?

Looking for Office Space for Rent in Bangalore ?

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Whenever you look at the classified section for office space in Bangalore/Bengaluru for Rent or Lease, you only think in terms of location and carpet area. Is it just brick and mortar that goes into the making of an office? No! We all know that the actual work starts after identifying a location for your office. In every city’s CBD, people are looking to establish a presence in order to cater to their employees and their shareholders expectations, not thinking of the obvious conveniences of being located in the heart or the IT hub of the city. Location is always key to the brand visibility of any firm, be it a IT office or an International Bank or even a Global Consulting Firm. What else goes into the making of an Office Space? In order to be an efficient, inspiring and enterprising workspace from day one, what we need are the basics in place:

1. Spacious Reception:

When you have visitors coming over, welcome them with a warm and inviting reception area where their queries are entertained. Should there be a need to wait, offer a comfortable space to wait without causing anxiety and irritation. Studies show that good lighting and wide spaces curb impatience and promote relaxation.

2. Interactive Cubicles:

Cubicles offer maximum utilization of space, but more than that they must be built to facilitate interaction among colleagues for better collaboration on projects. Another important thing is for liberal use of colors as it has been proven that use of dull and drab colors leads to the occurrence of Seasonal Affective Disorders amongst employees.

3. Brainstorming Space:

Nothing can be as vital to the process of growth and innovation as a nurturing brainstorming space which offers the participants a vibrant and comfortable environment to unleash their ideas and energies. Such a conference space or meeting room must be large and not claustrophobic. It must be able to occupy enough people with ease and comfort.

4. Executive Cabins:

The top management must be well enclosed in a convenient space and yet close enough to interact with the middle and lower level management staff. Such cabins must have a layout capable of categorizing information and offering quiet uninterrupted space for work. The basics of well lit and clear space are just as important since this is a place where policies are designed and delegated.

5. Cafeteria:

Often overlooked, people tend to forget that this is the primary reason why we work. Yes, food is the energy that fuels the human resources of any company and easy accessibility to good cuisine will ensure that employees stay satisfied and work up to their optimum abilities. If the cafeteria is within the same building, it saves work hours in commuting or transportation to and fro.

6. Car Parking:

The most overlooked aspect is that of parking space. Imagine if you are expected at a meeting at 10 am and you spend 30 minutes looking for a parking spot, thus missing your opportunity. That would be a terrible thing to happen. Ensure that your office parking space can accommodate enough vehicles. Ideal requirement would be one parking space for every 1000 sft.

Now that we have enlisted these vital points that go into the making of a perfect office space, the hunt for an office would be much harder right? Wrong! If you are looking for a ‘Ready to Occupy’ office space in the CBD or IT hub of Bangalore with Executive Cabins, Cubicles, Conference Rooms, Meeting Spaces, Cafeteria and Optimal Parking spaces then write to us on contact@goco.in

Your hunt for perfection is over!


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