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Apple or Google? There is only One Winner – You!

With both apple and Google gunning it out for supremacy in the online realm, the winner is clear: you! Yes, that’s right. It is the end user who stands to benefit from this competitive melee. In much the same way, home buyers in Hyderabad can benefit from the competition to build homes in Kompally. This most sought after location in Hyderabad is famous for it’s pristine environs and amenities. Nestled in this stress free paradise in the IT hub of India is the spectacular Trident Grande.

Who has the most to lose: Apple, for not including Google’s widely used, best-in-class services in iOS, or Google, for being cut out of one of the most visible and lucrative platforms in the industry? As already stated, regardless of the loser, there is only one winner and that is you. With iOS 6, Apple is introducing its own Maps service which will replace Google Maps on the home screen of iOS devices. Users may still be able to download a separate Google Maps app but it won’t be there by default. Some users will likely still prefer Google Maps. Choice is the hallmark of a healthy economy and competitive business. In Hyderabad where Google has a base, the end user has a variety of choice before him when he walks out to find a home for himself and his family. Rather than live in a cramped and claustrophobic part of town, where your are still exposed to the stress and rigmaroles of urban life, you can choose to move to Kompally which offers quiet, green surroundings where nature reigns supreme. Banish all forms of stress from your lifestyle as you walk in to an apartment at the Trident Grande. If your worry is for your dear ones, you have just made the right decision since there are many international schools and entertainment malls nearby and you still retain access to important banks and of course your favorite restaurants.


How many of you are excited about installing iOS 6 on your Apple iPhones? The one feature that will certainly make everyone happy is the integration of Facebook at the OS level, just like how Twitter was integrated the last time round. Apple has instead engineered its Facebook integration to be modular, with an eye towards expanding the functionality to new services when appropriate. The iOS social networking interface, functionality, and experience selectively tie into what Facebook and Twitter offer with virtually no branding or screen real estate out of their control.


Apple is now providing email, synchronization, and cloud-based services via iCloud to all users and this will add momentum to Apple’s long-standing services just like when they established iTunes as the top online destination for music and eventually television and movies. They then proceeded to launch the App Store for the iPhone and today you have the infrastructure for cloud-based services. While Apple has provided email, hosting, and online storage services, the latest generation of Apple’s online offerings controls their own legacy and destiny by not letting a third party control a fundamental part of its platform. That’s why Apple banned cross-platform development tools for iPhone apps.

Clash of the Titans

The competition between Google and Apple highlights fundamental differences between the companies while offering the consumer the greatest benefit of choice. Google’s long-term plan is based on the ubiquity of it’s platforms and services. It wants Google search, Maps and YouTube to be everywhere, and thus it’s strategy with Android is based on quantity. They intend to put as many devices into as many people’s hands as possible to collect information about those millions and millions of users using its platforms and services, so it can then make money selling targeted advertising to those users. Apple on the other hand makes money from selling hardware even though it is in the mobile ad business and that is why Apple is not looking at its own Maps for iOS as a way to generate mobile advertising revenue. The amount of money it can earn from any mobile-related advertising will be insignificant compared to revenues from sales of iOS devices.

The Winner

The winner is the consumer and if you are in the market for a new home, whether you are an Apple fan or a Google aficionado, you can’t go wrong with Trident Properties Pvt Ltd, a market leader in Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar. The company creates residential spaces rich in design and finish, guaranteeing long term satisfaction for clients. Their hottest property is the Trident Grande @ Kompally where you can see swank apartments, restaurants, malls, prominent schools and entertainment such as Go-Karting and the Apparel Park. Kompally has risen to newer heights with a wealth of well-planned and execute projects. Development continued thanks to those who were foresighted and knew that this area will come back into demand because of the upcoming infrastructure and connectivity to that area – ORR (Outer Ring Road) and MMTS Phase 2, TRIDENT Properties with the Trident Grande stands out amongst the others like Ashoka Builders, Aparna Constructions, Splendid Aparna, Koncept Ambience, Modi Builders, Modi Properties, Manbhum Constructions to name a few.

Why live in Kompally?

  1. Accessible: 12 Km from Paradise, Mahindra Tech Park – 6 km, Bowenpally – 7 Km
  2. Affordable: These areas are seeing lot of demand for good size apartments and houses as it is still affordable here. For Eg: A bungalow in Kondapur and Gachibowli areas can cost a whopping 3.5 crores to 5 crores for a 500 square yards with a built up of 3500 sft approx. The same or superior quality bungalow in Kompally surroundings will cost 1.3 to 1.5 crores. There are also options available for Rs.50 lakhs to 1 crore bungalows with a little smaller plot sizes. A good apartment in Hi-tech City and Gachibowli areas cost a minimum of Rs.3,000 per sft to Rs.5,000 per sft and where in Kompally surroundings the best of apartments of same quality or better would cost Rs.1850 to 2200 per sft because of the huge land cost difference.
  3. ORR – Outer Ring Road
  4. MMTS – Second phase of MMTS connecting Secunderabad to Medchal
  5. Pure Residential Zone: These areas are primarily pure residential zones and would be a preferred destination for end users and long term investors
  6. More Green: Fresh air and green spaces are a guarantee in these localities
  7. More organized Residential Development: Better Roads, Social Infrastructure, Greenery  and easy access to Public Transport
  8. Ground Water: These areas are known for fertile land and good ground water since years as compared to the rocky areas which are being converted into expensive residential destinations
  9. Entertainment and Events: This locality now boasts of super markets, restaurants like Dhola-ri-dhani, Dominos etc and Dhabas, Cineplex’s and games zone such as Go-Karting etc. The area now also boasts of large convention halls suitable for Business Conferences and Big Fat Indian Weddings
  10. Education Institutes and Schools: CMR Engineering College, Oakridge, DRS International, Jain International School, Neeraj International
  School, St.Anns, Sadhu Vadhwani School, Shiva Shivani, etc.
  11. Many Hospitals/Nursing Homes in the close vicinity

Do you want to stay in a pigeon hole, which are well located instead of driving few extra kilometers, to give your family a lifestyle shift at affordable prices. It is not in the distant future that these localities will see appreciation, better than other areas once the new infrastructure which is aggressively underway is operational. Cash in on this 6 months to 1 year window in these areas to invest and reap benefits in the future.

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