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Developer to build Taj Mahal replica in Dubai

The clearest sign that the Dubai property market is recovering was given today when one Cityscape developer announced it is hoping to build a huge replica of the Taj Mahal of Agra in its Falconcity of Wonders scheme as well as an Eiffel Tower, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall of China and the pyramids of Egypt.

A replica of Taj Mahal of India, at the Cityscape exhibition in Dubai where plans for the Taj Arabia were revealed.Jeffrey E Biteng / The National.

The Indian developer Link Global Group will build the project as part of the 3.8 million square metres new Falconcity project proposed to be developed across the Emirates Road in Dubai.

The entire scheme promises to include a replica of the world-famous Taj, named the “Taj Arabia” which will be “many times larger than the original”.

Falconcity’s stand at Cityscape Global today included a cardboard cutout of the Mughal masterpiece complete with models posing in saris as well as a vast model of the project.

Taj Arabia will engrave Dubai’s place in the minds and hearts of world citizens,” said Salem Al Moosa, the chief executive and chairman of Falconcity. “Land of India will represent a key attraction in Falconcity as it includes high-end hospitality and commercial facilities.

“It is a passion that drives me to develop this landmark in Falconcity of Wonders to provide a unique experience to all,” said Arun Mehra, the chairman of Link Global Group. “The new project that we expect to see completed by the end of 2014 is themed as ‘The New City of Love’.”

He said he hoped it would become a wedding destination for couples to come and renew their vows. Goldsmiths would be on hand to enable visitors to buy those special gifts for their loved ones. And to attract nighttime visitors, the Taj will appear to glow under the moonlight.

Mr Mehra added that he had already received interest from Bollywood producers to shoot movies at the landmark.

Via : The National


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