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How IT Honchos Use Technology

A large number of CXOs in India Inc admit that they are ‘tech-addicts’ and that they can’t imagine what life would have been if technology hadn’t come around in its various forms.

Technology boggles the mind with its complexity and yet delivers results in a simple, easyto-understand language. Akhil Bansal, COO, KPMG in India shares, “In any business, communication is the key. Technology provides you ample sources of communication to enhance the business. Technology serves as a boon to enhance end-user application, thus allowing you to accomplish complex tasks with the click of a button. As much as we have driven the search for technology, today, it drives us to cross frontiers that were once thought impossible and even improbable.” He adds that for a COO, technology has paved the way for instant communication, real-time data and transmission of reports in stylised formats, thus enabling uniformity across the board.

Similarly, Narendra Bansal, chairman and MD, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd admits that technology is vital in everyone’s life in today’s time. “I firmly believe in the power of technology towards enhancing the quality of life. The leadership team at any company not only has to be abreast of what’s happening in the outside world wrt competition, policies, government and economy, but also be informed about internal developments for the company to grow consistently. But realistically, one person cannot be omnipresent and this is where technology plays a key role,” he explains.

Technology is greatly intertwined with the business today . CEOs and COOs need access to analytics and reports on-demand; want to extensively collaborate with the management and functional teams; make decisions and communicate the same to the execution teams and leadership; track the implementation of the decisions and much more.

“All the above have strong technology components as enablers. Productivity tools like email, instant messaging, word processing, enterprise collaboration or KPIs (key performance indicators), dashboards and sales insights employ technology. Even operational decision-making systems like approval workflows and project tracking systems and brand/market tracking systems around social networks make use of technology,” shares Ramesh Loganathan, vice president and center head, Progress Software.

Narendra Bansal points out that technology is not an option but a way of life. “I draw inspiration from the work and life of Steve Jobs. When most of my days go in travelling for business meetings and seminars, my smartphone helps me keep a tab on everyday developments in the office and I can reply to my mails in real-time. Apart from this, one of the gadgets that I don’t forget to carry with me is my projector phone that has been developed by my company.

I wasn’t always a tablet person but of late, I have started using a tablet,” he says.

From the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep, technology has become an indispensable part of a CEO’s life. So, are you a tech-smart CEO too?

Via : TOI


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