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I Will Turn Hyderabad Into a Global City: KCR

A road map has been prepared for the development of Hyderabad as an international city and we will make it happen,” Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has assured the people of Hyderabad.

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In an initiative to make sure that his campaigning will not cause inconvenience to people, KCR started e-campaign, addressing people through the media, and appealed to the people to give TRS an opportunity to turn Hyderabad into an international city.


KCR said it needs anywhere near Rs 30,000 crore to equip Hyderabad with infrastructure to meet global standards. However, the GHMC budget is just around Rs 5,000 crore.


“For that I have approached the BRICS Bank during my recent visit to Shanghai in China. I told BRICS Bank chairman KV Kamath about my plans to develop skyways, multi-level flyovers, roads and junction improvements and others and he assured a loan of Rs 25,000 crore to us. The GHMC cannot stand as a guarantee for such a huge amount and to address this, the government will stand as a guarantee,” KCR said.


KCR said his confidence was making him make such a big promise. “I promised to achieve Telangana. I vowed not to seek votes if my government cannot provide drinking water to each household. With the same confidence, I am saying that I will turn Hyderabad into a global city. It may take five or six years for that to happen,” he said.


Apart from loan from BRICS Bank, KCR said the GHMC can get revenue from other sources like regularisation of lands through LRS and BPS, and sale of unused government lands.


The chief minister said that HMDA was coming out with a master plan along with tourism projects for the development of Hyderabad.

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