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India to get first drag strip at Hyderabad

Yash Motorsports, an Indian startup company is setting up a drag racing track in Hyderabad, India in partnership with the National Hot Rod Association, USA.

Hyderabad drag

In a seminar in Hyderabad last week, founder Nagaraja Katellu of Yash Motorsports announced the building of a 1 km, two-lane drag strip near Hyderabad – the first in the country to be built to NHRA (governing body of drag racing) specs.



The racing length of the track will be 400m and another 600m for shutdown area built as per regulations and safety standards laid down by NHRA.



NHRA executive, Mark Hughes was present in the seminar and stated, they will oversee the setup, training and will also help in making the calendar of events along with running the initial races.



With the seating capacity of 2000, the drag strip will house a driving school. Racers will be able to participate in the races with their own bike and cars.



As in every racing track, safety will be given its due importance, they will have emergency teams, trauma center, fire safety team, tow truck and safety crew members at every 50m. In addition, there will be adequate timing system to ensure the accuracy of the drag run times for all participants.



Zayn Khan, the newly appointed president of Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India was also present in the event and supported the initiative of building up the strip. The seminar was also attended by former FMSCI president Vicky Chandhok, who stressed on the development of the sport in the country.



It was also revealed that the Government of Telangana too is keen about the venture and will extend their support wherever required.



The city of Hyderabad got a taste of Formula 1 when Red Bull did a showrun back in April, with former F1 driver David Coulthard at the helm.




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