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IT/SEZ Employees celebrate!

In India, majority of the SEZs are in IT, ITES and related sectors since these have proven capable of tremendous growth and resilience in the wake of the global recession. The employees of SEZs and IT related industries have always worked hard to ensure that the nation is on the bleeding edge of technology and stands shoulder to shoulder with global giants in the business. The Indian Government has now announced a relaxed policy for IT SEZs and allowed its employees to carry out their duties even from home.

This decision comes from the Ministry, following representations from IT professionals, SEZ developers and other stakeholders. “It has been decided that only in respect of employees temporarily de-capacitated and in respect of employees travelling, they may be permitted to work from home or outside the SEZ,” the Ministry said. But the Ministry has made it clear that the resultant export must take place from the premises of the SEZ.

Unitech, DLF and Mahindra Satyam had sought more time to execute projects following the massive demand slump due to the recent global fiscal crisis and meltdown. Most of the 574 approved SEZs are in IT related sectors.


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