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India today is a land of unlimited opportunity and this growth is not limited to the metros but has embraced Tier 2 cities whole heartedly as well. As such the real estate industry has been active in these cities catering to the needs and specific requirements of the growing industries.

Goodwill Coordinators understands that solutions cannot be a ‘One size fits all’ in the Indian Real Estate scenario. We cater to different cities across India; both metropolitan and Tier 2 and each city is given a different kind of treatment. Factors influencing these custom solutions include reigning industrial industry, mindset and cultural specifics, growth patterns, infrastructure logistics and government support via subsidy and schemes. IT & ITES growth has been on the rise with the rise of ‘cottage industry’ call centres that employ rural youth from neighbouring villages and employ them after extensive training. Such initiatives not only prove profitable to investors but also improve human resource in the region.

Supporting innovation is part of our ethos at Goodwill and we interact deeply with our customers to understand their specific requirements and offer our expertise tailor-made to fit you. Exploring expansion to Tier 2 cities? We will help you understand local specifics and offer our corresponding expertise and experience.


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