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Medical Tourism is the new harbringer of humans to our subcontinent. From time immemorial, India has attracted various civilizations to it’s verdant shores in the hope of manna or nirvana be it in the form of gold, spices or its wealth of culture. But today we have a new panacea for the hundreds of health hungry hordes that throng our shores.

Medical tourism in India is geared up for growth as it is a good location to receive medical treatments and is considered a leader in promoting medical tourism. Since the Government is actively participating in expansion, there has been investment in facilities and resources needed for tourists. An estimated 30,000 doctors and nurses each year are produced in India. The construction and realty industry is adapting to provide the same kind of infrastructure that is now standard in IT Parks and SEZs.

At an approximate growth of 30% each year, studies conducted by government and private sectors in India estimate that medical tourism could bring between $1 billion and $2 billion US into India by 2012. With all this investment, as well as the growing nature of this competitive market, patients from western countries are usually offered high quality service packages at a fraction of the treatment cost in the home country. These packages often include flight, transfers, hotels, treatment and post-operative vacation.

India is developing into a sophisticated medical tourism destination with its long-standing traditional herbal and alternative treatments history as well as various weather zones to cater for different types of treatments. English is the default language and the academicians and physicians are sophisticated and knowledgeable. Infrastructure and facilities are catered to by the growing construction and development industry.


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