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Nature's Paradise – Home Sweet Home!

A whiff of dew and the smell of sweet earth. These are some of the fond memories we have of our early years spent close to nature – memories of a country home, a holiday retreat or a hill station resort. These memories are fond and often the ones we think of returning to in moments of stress experienced during urban life. But do we have to wait for moments of satori to liberate ourselves from concrete chaos? At Oorjita, we believe that there is a way to experience serenity in the midst of the chaos. Welcome to Oorjita Villas!

A Thousand Trees Swaying…

Green plants are important to our environment as they form the basis for long-term health by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generating oxygen required for life. The magical process of photosynthesis converts light into chemical energy, in the form of sugars, for growth. Photosynthesis consumes carbon dioxide as part of the process of photosynthesis and emits oxygen as a by-product. This primary lesson is something everyone of us learns as a child. But do we remember to smell the roses, metaphorically speaking in the middle of our harried and hurried existence? We bring to you the joy and ecstasy of breathing in the fresh air as it wafts between the thousand trees that border your beautiful home. Come home to your own independent villa today and breathe easy.

A Whiff of Dew…

An important by-product of the process of photosynthesis is oxygen. That vital ingredient that enables us to live, is increasingly hard to find in a world dominated by carbon dioxide and other gases that are emitted regularly as a result of the environment that we have built. A plant leaf produces 5 ml of oxygen in an hour. A plant with 30 leaves would, therefore, produce 150 ml of oxygen in an hour or 3.6 litres of oxygen in a day. Plants not only produce oxygen but also remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The World Bank estimates that 20 percent of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is a result of deforestation. As much as 50 percent of global warming over the past 50 years is a result of changing land use patterns and deforestation in the modern age. A single tree is estimated to absorb 1.33 tons of carbon dioxide per 100 years, or an average or just over 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. When you wake in the morning, don’t you want to breathe fresh air, rich in oxygen and devoid of the toxicity of urban environment? The wide and tall windows of your own villa in the midst of an oxygen rich environment. Could it get any better?

The Cool Earth…

A green environment can provide natural cooling for an area with trees blocking the heating effect of the sun. They can also cool an area through transpiration, although without a large number of trees and green plants this effect is minimal. But at Oorjita, this transpiration process by which water evaporates from plant pores, cools the environment via evaporative cooling due to the large number of trees and plants that border your villa. Evaporation consumes heat and is most effective for cooling when the humidity is low. The hot summer days make you scream  for relief and the air-conditioner is our only reprieve. When you live in your own villa at Oorjita, the cool shaded woods that surround you will beckon you to revel in their protective habitat. Stay cool and keep your cool at Oorjita Villas – your own private paradise!

Make a Difference…

There are many ways a person can make a difference to the environment. Help save our great and beautiful earth by recycling, planting trees. Recycling in most places can actually save people money as well the environment. Think about the things you can recycle – not just glass, plastic and paper any more. Recycling also means keeps areas clean so there is more room to plant trees. Also, think about the plants that can give off oxygen in return for making a beautiful landscape in your backyard. In the urban setting, there are also benefits. “Urban trees can do even more for clean air. Depending on location, species, size, and condition, shade from trees can reduce utility bills for air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings by 15 to 50%. Through shade and the evaporation of water from their leaves, trees also provide natural, low-tech cooling that reduces energy use and the need to build power plants.”

Ever think about the health benefits of living in an Oorjita Villa? Think of it as your own personal health insurance. Some trees and flowers have health benefits; anxiety, headaches, stress related disorders and insomnia. So, everyday make sure you look around you and defend the environment we have. We are making that difference by creating a plant rich environment for you and your loved ones to live and thrive. Come to Oorjita today and grab the keys to your own personal Villa – a haven for your and your loved ones in nature’s warm embrace.

Listen to your head and heart for once. For once, they agree. Call us on 98490-98028/98480-42426/9246549595 or mail us at myvilla@oorjitaprojects.com and choose a villa right in the lap of nature.

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