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Corporate Parks Supply Rise in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad seems to be going the Bangalore way as far as office space is concerned. Giving a tough competition to the usual norm of small office spaces in commercial complexes, personalised large sized units in corporate parks are making a steady headway in the city.

So much so, that in last 8-10 months, the city has seen a rise in number of corporate parks that offer individual office or retail space in sizes of 5,000 sq ft to even 15,000 sq ft. While the conventional office space is sized around 1,000-2,000 sq ft and suited for 40-50 employees, the large sized offices in corporate parks are suited for larger employee base of over 100.

In terms of sectors, however, Tomar said that it is the Information Technology (IT), corporate banking, financial and insurance services that form major part of the clientele. What’s more, the corporate parks in Ahmedabad have also been a reason for more number of companies from outside the state of Gujarat now preferring to set up shops here. “These companies have been used to moving to cities like Bangalore and Chennai which have been offering large sized office space so far. However, with now Ahmedabad joining the league with a dozen-odd corporate parks in the city, these companies are now looking towards Gujarat.

According to industry experts, each of these schemes are built on an average area of anywhere between one acre and 2.5 acres, offering 10-12 units of 10,000 sq ft space per acre. Also, apart from centralised maintenance and individual lifts, the corporate parks also offering flexible parking, wi-fi and individual optical fibre network.

Via : Business Standard

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