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While the words ‘Office Space‘ might remind many of the 1999 film of the same name; a comedic tale of company workers who hate their jobs and decide to rebel against their greedy boss. The boom in the need for office space can be attributed to many factors ranging from the socio, economic and cultural factors to the simple fact that Indians have an inherent streak to create enterprises from scratch. Business has grown and so has India’s economy in the world on the backs of thousands of Indian businessmen whether small scale business owners, industrial behemoths or new-age IT wizards that have conjured up dreams to awaken the billion plus population.

IT Parks offer premium office spaces with the right infrastructure already in place such as 24/7 electricity backups and high-speed internet connectivity. This ensures a secure environment so companies can work free from the worry of power failures and such inconveniences. IT parks make sense to those who want to avoid some of the typical hassles associated with setting up your own office/facility. Business Centres offer fully furnished, equipped and staffed offices, business support services, meeting conference, videoconference rooms and training facilities.

New Trends in Office Spaces: To support the growing trend of mobile and home working, services such as Virtual Office and Virtual PA offer dedicated business addresses for a business base as well as mail and call handing services. Such solutions reduce costs and remove the burden of property ownership and management and yet offer a workplace to suit the increasingly mobile Independent consultant and the manner in which they work.


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