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Clark Kent was a Mild mannered reporter while he wasn’t out saving the world as Superman. Closer home we have our own share of stories of such superheroes who lead such double lives through their alter egos. Today’s professional is no less of a multi-tasker juggling responsibilities, lifestyles and skills like a God/Goddess with many arms.

Multi-Tasking Professional

You maybe a software professional, a lawyer, a photographer, doctor or maybe even a dream diviner but don’t let that stop you from donning a cape and flying across skyscrapers in a single leap. Before all the superhero and comic puns convince you to wear latex and jump off a building, let me clarify. I’m just talking about moonlighting as a real estate broker. Does that seem like a far shot? It maybe easier than you think. We at Goodwill believe in the power of the individual and offer our clients, customers and associates a chance to grow with us. We believe that Henry Ford was absolutely right when he said “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

How does it Work?

Let’s say a friend of yours is looking for a home or a business associate wants to expand his business in your city. Rather than contact a developer or builder directly who will have no more than a handful of properties to showcase, he/she would be better off approaching a broker who would have a hundred different properties to showcase based on customer requirements. Now you have introduced your friend/associate to a real estate consultant who will then proceed to share a percentage of his profits with you as a token of goodwill. Let us connect and create a world of opportunities where growth and satisfaction await us all. Goodwill dares to look beyond the traditional systems and invites you to be a part of this exciting trend in Real Estate.

Where’s the Catch?

Sounds like easy money you say? Looking for a catch? No such thing as a free lunch is it? Well, times change so join us in heralding a new era of business and opportunity. As the world moves towards a new economy businesses are operating transparently and connecting with their customers to understand their needs and aspirations in order to provide better service. In a world increasingly social where global barriers have crashed and geographical distances are crossed in the blink of an eye, let us look forward to creating goodwill and relationships that will last the test of time. Connect with Goodwill today!

Let’s get Started!

Welcome to a new age of real estate independent consultants who have no formal training in the field, possess no upto date market information yet support their existing network of friends and associates. Contact us today for more information on referral commissions, sale transactions and rental/lease commissions. Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed and if you still want to say hello, call us!


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