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Real Estate: Rising Stars!

The largest growing network in the World is not the Network of Realtors as you and me would well like it to be. Mark Zuckerberg who is trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share is the founder of Facebook – the world’s fastest growing network of people from varying cultures, ethnicity and nationalities. For starters, Mark just bought his own house in Silicon Valley at $7 million. Mark, at age 26, is on the younger side for a first-time home buyer. And the Facebook chief executive isn’t even stretching financially to make this first purchase. Zuckerberg, who ranks 52nd on Forbes’ list of the World’s Billionaires, paid $1 million more than the previously listed asking price of $5.85 million. What might seem like a hefty price tag to many is small change among billionaires. Yuri Milner, a venture capital billionaire and Facebook investor, shelled out $100 million for an 11 acre, 25,000 square foot estate and Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s wealthiest billionaire, had snatched up a London penthouse apartment for $221 million.

Early Birds

Well, what does Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook have to do with Real Estate and realtors you ask? Think it over. At the age of 26, the young man is not only a billionaire but is buying his first real estate property at $7 million. What does that tell us about the youth – today’s rising stars? Traditionally most first time home owners have been middle aged and the traditional payment modus operandi has been via savings and after years of long, hard hours of burning the midnight oil. I’m not saying that every young kid on the block is turning into a millionaire and is buying into the market, but we must realize that the world is changing and the rules are bending. Today’s youth is ambitious and goal-oriented and is aiming at creating ripples in the world of business, as we know it. They know what they want and how to get it and are gunning for glory right from the start. So we have the average 25 year old willing to take a home loan to get the home of his dreams instead of hoarding his savings and then breaking the piggy bank years later. It maybe argued that this is the sort of behavior that led to the economic crisis that we just went through. But I say the youth of today deserve more credit and are more prudent in their approach. So with the zest of youth and the temperance of experience, we have a new breed of youngsters making waves. What this means is that the Real Estate industry is going to see more dynamism and activity than earlier imagined. The double earning power of most young couples today only increases the odds. Remember what Mark Zuckerberg said about making the world a more open place by helping people connect and share? The world is not only growing more dynamic but open and transparent as well. This can only mean better business using transparency and co-operation as the hallmarks of progress and growth.

The Largest Realtor’s Convention in India

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