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Retail sector demands Industry Status

Barely recovering from the slump in the economy, organised retailers in the country today said the sector should be given industry status, besides easing foreign investment norms in the forthcoming Budget. “Industry status has been a long standing demand of the retail sector. Besides we also want a relaxation in the foreign direct investment (FDI) norms,” Retailers Association of India chief executive officer Kumar Rajagopalan said. Sharing similar views, Koutons Retail India chairman D P S Kohli said: “Industry status has been a recurring demand of the retail sector for many years since only then will the retailers be able to fully enjoy the benefits of organised financing, insurance and fiscal incentives.”

According to industry figures, only around five per cent of the estimated over USD 450 billion Indian retail sector is currently organised. Calling for easing of FDI norms, Rajagopalan said, “No industry in India has grown without FDI participation and for retail to emerge as a big player, more FDI should be allowed.” Besides, he said even if FDI norms are not relaxed in the Budget, the government must give a clarification on FII and foreign PE funding route as there is a lot of ambiguity.

Kohli said clarity on the issue will help Indian retailers raise funds from abroad as the global liquidity condition is showing improvement. At present, the government allows 51 per cent FDI in single brand retailing and prohibits any foreign investments in the multi-brand segment.

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