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Social Media Day – A Real Revolution?

Social Media Day was celebrated yesterday with myriad meetups world over and many of these were ironically in the Real world i.e. offline. This brings us to the point of debate – What is Real? The media as we know it has outgrown the traditional and embraced the rebel with guerrilla marketing and viral videos offering more bang for your buck than the white­‐collared MBA and traditional manicured Video production houses. The world today is in the throes of a Real revolution and that is not limited to merely sharing information and social networks. The social media revolution is changing the way we approach new connections and molding a new way of doing business – with transparency and open-­ness. Just like the cold war days are behind us, so is the cloak and dagger methodology of business conglomerates. Businesses today are sharing and offering customers more value for their money not by virtue of their products but service. The technological and societal advancements we are accustomed to allow us to connect, communicate and engage with each other for personal and professional reasons. We have in recent times even witnessed the virtual revolution that heralded the spirit of the Freedom of Expression in the face of tyranny albeit on a digital platform. A nation rejoiced and the world clapped in unison. Is that not real enough? Sharing and communicating amongst each other is the truest aspect of family, we as humans have ever known. So let us celebrate Social Media Day with a new perspective and let the day mark the beginning of a new attitude and adventure.

How Do Realtors Celebrate?

Connect, Communicate & Celebrate! All of us as realtors are used to working with many connections and networks professionally. NAR India or the National Association of Realtors, India is the largest such body in the country that offers us all a platform to connect with one another and not just work, but also learn and upgrade our skills to the demands of the new millennium. Above all, let us get together and celebrate the success of our industry and the many others that it supports as an ancillary.

Come to Hyderabad on July 23rd & 24th and participate in the two day Convention. There is also a Free for All Expo where property developers will showcase their latest offerings in the market to prospective home owners. Come together and let’s keep the community connected, online and off. This July for Realtors, all roads lead to Hyderabad! Be there.


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