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The Hottest Real Estate Markets On Earth

No. 10: Colombia

Cartegena at sunset.  All of Colombia saw a 8.3% hike in housing prices last year. An 1,100 square foot apartment in Bocagrande in Cartegena will run you around $368,000.

No. 9: India

India’s housing prices rose 8.5% in 2012. A 3 bedroom 1,440 square foot property in Mumbai’s Adheri East district can be had for around $423,000.

No. 8: China

Cities like this one, Shanghai,  have helped propel China real estate values up by 9.3% on average in 2012. If you want around 1,800 square feet in the upscale Xiantindi district of Shanghai, it will cost $1.25 million.

No. 7: Taiwan

Taiwan real estate rose 9.7%. A four bedroom mini-mansion at 2,600 square feet in the Taiwan countryside can fetch upwards of $17 million.

No. 6: Austria

Austria housing prices rose 10.1%, making it the hottest housing market in Europe as measured by appreciative value. Ski lovers can buy around 1,800 worth of space in the mountains for about $653,000.

No. 5: Moscow

Moscow real estate prices rose 10.2% in 2012. An 1,800 square feet two bedroom penthouse in Moscow can be had for $3.5 million.

No. 4: Turkey

The Istanbul skyline.  Home prices in Turkey rose 10.5%. You could live here in this new 2014 development with about 1,500 square feet of living space for just $183,000.

No. 3: Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf) in the center of the frame.  Brazilian home values rose by 13.7%, at least on the bidding side, says London’s Knight Frank.  This is not final sales data for this particular location.  Of course, if you want prime Ipanema real estate it will cost you around $2.2 million.

No. 2: Dubai

Dubai housing prices rose 19% in 2012, according to Knight Frank.  A three bedroom, 1,980 square foot apartment in Princess Towers in Dubai costs over $843,000.

No. 1: Hong Kong

Judging by rising demand and soaring housing values, Hong Kong is the best location on Earth right now. Housing prices rose a whopping 23.6% last year. A three bedroom 1,800 square foot house in the Parkview neighborhood of the city will run you a cool $4.7 million.

Via : Forbes.com


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