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Top 10 Greenest Tech Companies


10. Akami

Cloud platform Akami is committed to sustainable business practices and is working to renovate its current office space to meet LEED standards. It also wants to incorporate stakeholders into the sustainability process by educating them and including them in the discussion.

9. IBM

IBM is focused not only on the environment, but also being a good neighbor to the communities in which it operates. They aim to promote environmental safety and issue yearly environmental reports detailing their impact.

8. Twitter

Twitter uses a fair amount of non-renewable sources including nuclear and coal to power their business, but it’s still commits itself to aiming for sustainable business practices.

7. Rackspace

More than 40 percent of Rackspace’s employees work in LEED Hold and BREEAM certified buildings, with all future building projects planned to meet the environmental standards.

6. Sales Force

Sales Force is another cloud-based service taking its business into the green. Salesforce claims their cloud services are 95 percent more efficient than using in-office storage systems, such as servers.

5. Microsoft

Despite being a major player in the tech world, Microsoft still has a ways to go to in terms of environmental responsibility. A good chunk of its emissions come from coal, and not all of its emissions reports are completely transparent. However, they’re still committed to improvement and are doing well enough to hold the number 5 spot.

4. Google

Google is a major advocate for renewable energy, which make sense, considering its one of the world’s top innovating companies. While it could definitely still reduce its carbon footprint, it’s a major investor in green energy and is definitely working to see more operations become renewable. It’s also leading the charge for a renewably powered internet.

3. Facebook

Facebook is just slightly ahead of Google in its commitment to sustainable energy. While not as big of an advocate as Google, it’s working tirelessly to implement more green business solutions. Its biggest area of improvement could once again come in its coal use. Facebook has also greatly improved over the last few years in terms of its green energy implementation.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo’s increased purchasing of hydropower means it’s looking to go greener than ever. It’s made significant improvements as well in its sustainability, even if it’s not exactly ahead of the curve anymore. The one area Yahoo could improve is in its transparency in releasing its carbon emission reports.

1. Apple

Apple’s commitment to sustainable energy is something to behold. Just this week, it purchased its third solar farm in North Carolina. Apple is also the first tech company really looking to make its whole operation run on renewable energy. Most importantly, it’s not far off from making that hope a reality.




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