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Why Information Technology Outsourcing is Still Alive

IT outsourcing has long been demonstrated to be a thriving strategy and its significance has only magnified with time. The latest global financial crisis has pressed companies large and small to trim their costs and play all the more efficiently; hence, outsourcing IT jobs is on the rise again. While you can outsource a number of tasks from HR to marketing to help desk support, the real chance lies in outsourcing IT work as a good number of IT pros reside in nations like India where hourly rates are too low. A Canadian corporation outsourcing help desk support to an offshore Asian call centre would have to deal with problems as the staff might not be that effective because of their ordinary English communication skills. Also, you have to be familiar with potential customers’ psychology and thinking rationale to do successful marketing, and you cannot presume your Indian workers to understand how people think. Now what’s so uncommon with information technology outsourcing? It’s simple: information technology projects generally involve dealing with machines and that’s similar throughout the world. Hiring PHP programmers for a web development project isn’t going to harm you if the guy does not know good English. I am not saying there aren’t any risks involved here; simply that the dangers are comparatively painless to deal with and outsourcing is definitely a good option.

Let us briefly skim through some of the common advantages you can enjoy if you choose to outsource information technology projects.The most talked-about advantage, of course, is the chance to save a good deal of dollars. You don’t have to sign a yearly agreement with an in-house employee, and you don’t have to provide a permanent position with all the extra benefits. So your total costs related to employees are bound to reduce. Besides, you can save on taxes too even if the BPO company adds that in the invoice, simply because taxes in underdeveloped countries are way low as compared to the USA. Secondly, the real benefit of information technology outsourcing, if you ask me, is the opportunity to focus exclusively on your core proficiencies without having to worry about other peripheral operations. To perform all jobs competently on your own, you typically need well thought-out plans, actions, and standard practices that take some time to master. In contrast, you can outsource to BPO firms who are knowledgeable in their area and have a couple years’ experience under their belts. Competence in several things comes only with experience. Hence, do not attempt to be authority in all business processes and find a good firm to whom you can outsource information technology work.Finally, you don’t have to think about staff turnover rate and management. The selection method in itself is a hassle and enough to divert your attention from your central tasks. And it’s a double blow when a worker quits your firm and goes to your competitor, with all the business secrets and competitive knowledge, and necessitating another long hiring procedure. Therefore, outsourcing information technology tasks is a pretty reasonable decision and can result in numerous advantages you don’t usually think about.

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